Allied Health


Rolinda Miocevich

Rolinda provides psychological services across all age groups.

Services include:

  • assessments and interventions for emotional, behavioural and interpersonal issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress
  • anger management difficulties
  • attention and hyperactivity in children and adolescents
  • low self-esteem
  • perfectionism
  • procrastination
  • assertiveness difficulties
  • life-adjustment
  • life transitions
  • relationship/family issues

Rolinda is a client-centered practitioner who strives to provide psychology services in a caring, understanding and non-judgemental manner.


Owen Robinson

Owen counsels for:

  • Depression, Anxiety and Trauma recovery (teens and adults)
  • Supporting people to get in Charge of Aggression
  • Empowering people who have been victimised
  • Getting on better in Marriage and Family relationships
  • Solving workplace relationship problems
  • Managing symptoms of a mental health conditions
  • Christian counselling/prayer available on request

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