Minor Surgeries


Riverton Medical Centre offers a range of minor procedures and surgeries performed in our dedicated theatre room located in our practice.

This includes:

  • Punch and shave biopsies
  • Skin cancer surgery: Elliptical excision of skin cancers with direct closure on all areas of the face (except eyelids)
  • Simple and less complicated skin flaps on the above areas (excluding eyelids)
  • Skin tags removal
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Removal of hairy moles
  • Foreign body removal from skin and soft tissue
  • On site IV Fluid Therapy (IV antibiotic and Iron Infusion)
  • Implanon Insertion and Removal
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD) Insertion and Removal
  • Wedge Resection of Ingrown Toenails with phenolisation of nail bed
  • Suture of Lacerations on most areas of the body
  • Cauterisation of the nose for Epistaxis (Silver Nitrate)
  • Wart removal through excision or Cryotherapy (a very popular treatment for many lesser skin growths)
  • Ganglion aspiration and injection with cortisone
  • Ganglion excision
  • Extirpation of tarsal cysts
  • Removal of digital nail of fingers, thumb or toes