Practice Information


Appointments are generally made at intervals of 10-15 minutes. At this practice, we tried to accommodate patients with urgent problems and patients who may need a longer consultation (these include medical examinations, checkups and multiple or complex problems). If you need a longer consultation, please notify the receptionist and we will be happy to make the appointment according to the circumstances.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates can only be provided if you have seen the doctor during your illness.

Medical Emergencies

Emergency presentations such as chest pain needs to be seen urgently,  please contact 000 or attend the closest hospital in your area.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

102-118 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch WA 6150

After Hours Services

This practice has an arrangement with WADMS locum service (9321 9133) to provide after hours service to the clinic patients only. Hence our practice’s patients are able to obtain 24 hour medical care. 

Home Visits

Home visits (including nursing homes, special accommodation units and individual patients’ homes both within and outside our normal opening hours) can be arranged with their regular doctors.

This is done ONLY

  • where the patient is too ill to attend the practice  and arranged by the patient’s GP   
  • Patients who live within Parkwood and adjacent suburbs

Other alternative is to contact WADMS (Doctor Home Visits): 9321 9133

Issuing of Test Results

Where appropriate, patients having pathology and other investigations should have an appointment made for review of these results. If you haven’t made an appointment and the doctor needs to see you regarding your results, we will ring or send you a letter asking you to make an appointment.

Please note that we will do our best to follow up your results, however, patients also have responsibility in their own health care; this includes the seeking of results.

At this practice, test results must never be released by a member of staff unless specifically advised to do so by the treating or duty doctor.

Recall/Reminder System

This practice has a recall system for Pap smear, colonoscopy, immunisation, flu vaccination and other health assessments. If you don’t want to be reminded, please let the doctor or receptionists know.

Teaching Practice

As a recognised teaching practice we occasionally have a senior medical student with us. The patients will be notified beforehand if this is the case.  Please let the reception staff or doctor know if this is not convenient for you.  We will NOT be offended by it.

Management of Patient Health Information

The patient medical record is a private and confidential document outlining interactions between the patient and the doctor. Always ensure that access to patient information remains limited to relevant members of practice staff and is not made available to members of the public including immediate family members unless the patient is a minor.

The Practice adheres to the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles (APP). 

The Practice will provide a copy of the Practice Policy upon request.


This practice aspires to provide exceptional health care. However, if you are concerned or not happy with our services or facilities, please advise the reception staff, manager/s or the doctor. 

Every feedback / complaint, no matter how minor it may appear, will be taken seriously, appropriately investigated and responded to accordingly in a timely manner.